A Division: Select Your Team or New Player
B Division: Select Your Team or New Player


On the payment page select the division you play in.  In the drop down menu, select the team you play on. Once you have select the team you play on, click on “Buy Now” that is directly below your team name.

Because we have team fee’s it is going to be up to the captains to track payments and up to the players to make payments.  Once the order summery page come up, it will say your item price is $1.00.  The key here is to change the quantity to the amount your want to pay toward your bill and click update directly below the quantity field. (see red arrow)

If you wish to pay by cash or check to the league or team captain, you can close this page without making a payment.


Team fees are $5300.00 per team.  Your captain must ensure that 50% of the team fee is paid Saturday 9/28/19. 75% by 10/26/19 and 100% by 12/7/19.


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