Jamestown Adult Hockey League
Revised September 2021

Purpose: The JAHL is a not-for-profit organization with the goal to establish, maintain and foster growth in a recreational, non-check adult hockey program to be played at Northwest Arena. The JAHL is open to men and women age 18 and older. The JAHL is affiliated with AAU. Organization Board Membership: The Board is made up of the following volunteer positions: President, Vice President Treasurer/Scheduler, Website Administrator/ League Statistician, and Team Captains. Board responsibilities include: - Participate in league deliberations/meetings - Register players for league play and AAU insurance - Maintain an up-to-date master registration through AAU - Enter into contract/rental agreement with Ice Arena - Establish operating costs and player fees - Secure league sponsorship(s) - Establish and maintain a league bank account - Authorize administrative expenditures - Establish fair and equitable team rosters - Establish game schedules - Maintain game records and player statistics - Establish rules for the good of the league - Coordinate publicity with local media and the Ice Arena - Conduct other related business as needed Meetings: The Board shall hold formal meetings as needed, but no less than once prior to the start of each new season, once at mid-season and once at the end of the season. Decision-making: Actions of the Board shall be final and binding. Only Team Captains (or designee) are voting members of the Board. Deliberations conducted by email must be sent to all Board members. The Board shall attempt to reach consensus in its deliberations, but where consensus cannot be found decisions shall be made by majority vote of the teams represented at a formal meeting or by majority vote of captains (or designee) in email exchanges. Disciplinary Committee: This ad-hoc committee shall be comprised of the President and or Vice President, a Referee Association representative and three (3) team captains unrelated to the incident/infraction being addressed. A representative of the Ice Arena will be allowed to observe proceedings and be involved to the extent to protect its interests. The purpose of this committee is to conduct disciplinary hearings as called for under AAU (including match penalty incidents), JAHL supplementary discipline rules, and/or to review any other serious violation of any rule, regulation or policy of AAU, the JAHL or the Ice Arena. The committee shall report its findings to the Board and may recommend supplemental discipline such as fines and suspensions up to, and including expulsion from the league. Recommendations will be based on a majority vote of the committee. The Board shall make a final decision on recommendations at a formal meeting to be conducted as soon as possible. Sponsorships: Overall league sponsorship is normally $1000 and provides naming rights for general league publicity, including the website. Said sponsor money goes into the general JAHL treasury to be used for the good of the league. Individual teams are encouraged to secure team sponsorships to be used at team discretion. Team sponsorships of $300 or more provide for naming rights in published standings, game summaries and the website. Team sponsorships should be paid to the JAHL, but will be returned in full to a team upon request. Teams without paid sponsors will be given generic names. General Rules and Regulations: AAU and JAHL rules and regulations, including those in the attached Supplemental Aggressive Penalty Policy, apply to actions on the ice, in locker rooms and in other Ice Arena facilities. In addition, players/teams are bound by terms of any rental contract with the Ice Arena. Game: - No checking. - Full hockey equipment is required except shoulder pads and face shields (which are highly recommended). - Game times include three 15-minute stop-time periods, subject to an 80-minute curfew. A 3-minute warm-up will precede the first face-off. - No overtime during the regular season, 10-minute sudden death overtime and shoot-out if needed applies only to championship playoff games. - A 10-second fast face-off rule applies for line changes after a stop in play. - Two referees normally required per game; a time-keeper/score keeper. - If a game is a known forfeit, no record of scoring is maintained except the winning team captain is credited with a goal; referees sign the scoresheet; game is over. However, teams may mutually agree to play an exhibition game, which is still governed by AAU and JAHL rules (i.e. penalties could apply and be enforced). - Timeouts are not permitted. - Game results shall be reported to media as soon as possible after game nights. Team: - Roster limit 15 players including goalie. - Players must be AAU and JAHL registered and be paid up-to-date prior to playing their first game, except for those players on a payment plan approved by the President. Players owing fees will be notified of a deadline for payment and will be suspended for failure to cooperate. - A team that plays with any ineligible player (other than a goalkeeper) will forfeit that game. - Normally, no short-term substitutions are allowed except for goaltenders. If a team chooses to allow a goalie to skate out no substitute goalie is permitted (i.e. team may interchange player positions on its rosters as it chooses). - Replacements of comparable skill level are permitted for players lost due to injury, leaving town or a like situation. Replacements must be in place and play five (5) regular season game to carry into playoffs. Replacements must first come from any waiting list then from the other division (but cannot already be playing both divisions). Captains seeking replacement must email the league Board with proposed player. Voting shall occur as under the Decision-making rule. Replacements owe both AAU and pro-rated game fees, fully payable in advance of first game.

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